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Premium Quilt Insert


An exceptional value, perfect classic quilt insert that provides you with the right cosiness at any season of the year in both warmer and cooler months. Optimal level of comfort without retaining excessive heat. Breathable and ideal for warmer weather or sleepers who run hot to sleep better.


Product Material

Brushed cotton fabric with 200gsm polyester fibre fillings. Synthetic fillings is perfect for those allergic to natural fibers such as Goose Down or Wool.

Product Sizing
Single/ Super Single Quilt (Single and Super Single are of the same measurement)
1 x Quilt Insert 150*211cm


Queen Quilt
1 x Quilt Insert 211*211cm


King Quilt
1 x Quilt Insert 250*211cm


Product Features

- White and hemmed with careful stitching

- Square-box stitching to secure the fillings and keep it evenly distributed
- Specially designed to suit Singapore’s weather
- Soft, lightweight and comfortable feel
- Provides the warmth needed in air-conditioned room and yet does not feel hot
- Comes with tie strings at 4 corners to secure the quilt insert with your quilt cover


Product Care
- Can be hand wash or machine wash but quilt insert does not required to be washed frequently as they do not come into direct contact with your sweat, body oils or scents
- The best way to keep your quilt fresh is to frequently air it out, whether that is in gentle sun or just on a verandah. This will help eliminate odour, dry perspiration and kill dust mites. 

MAKKO Premium Quilt Insert

$34.80 Regular Price
$31.80Sale Price