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Does the bedsheet and quilt cover come in a set?

Our bedsheet and quilt cover are sold separately. This provides customer with the flexibility to mix and match the colours or size they required.


Does the quilt cover comes with corner tie strings?

Yes, all MAKKO quilt covers do have 4 corner tie strings for you to secure to your quilt insert.


Is the quilt insert thick or thin?

It is specially designed to suit Singapore’s weather and can be used in both air-condition and non air-condition room. Our quilt insert is not those very thick type but it does provide the warmth needed and yet does not feel hot.


Can the quilt insert be machine wash?

It can be hand wash or machine wash using gentle washing mode. Quilt insert does not require to be washed frequently as they do not come into direct contact with your sweat, body oils or scents.

The best way to keep your quilt fresh is to frequently air it out, whether that is in gentle sun or just on a verandah. This will help eliminate odour, dry perspiration and kill dust mites.


Do you have a retail shop where I can drop by to purchase directly or to do self-collection?

Unfortunately, we do not have a retail shop. All purchases can only be done online and no self-collection is available.


What happens if I received an incorrect item or a product with manufacturing faults?

Pls contact us directly at and we will arrange to do a 1-1 exchange accordingly at no cost to you.


I have selected the wrong design or size, can I request for an exchange?

Yes, we do accept exchanges. Products can only be exchanged if they are in their original packaging and unwashed. Customers are responsible for any shipping and/or handling cost.

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